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Czech Czech?
Is this thing on?
Can everybody here me?
Guy in the back?
Can you hear me ok?
Alright good.

My name's Alex. I've been on this awe inspiring rock for 21 trips around the sun, things are sort of rocky right now for me. I have the most beautiful, most awesome girlfriend in the whole world. I guess my search for the girl of my dreams is over. I play music and make collages. I support your tech. seriously. I work for an international computer company that shall remain nameless. You've probably heard of us. We're kind of a big deal. Chances are you own one of our products. I love my Virginia, I love my job, and I (for the most part) love my life. Stay tuned. Updated content pending.

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I'm so glad that you can still be optimistic through all of this and still see that there is beauty in life, even though it is hard to find at the moment. I know I've already said this but I am so proud of you!

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